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I truly wanted to die

Kind Hearted One, My own journey of healing has been a very long one.  And while it continues to this day. The hardest 4 years of it (2006-2010) were like living in hell on earth.  I truly wanted to die regularly.  I literally prayed to God to kill me.  I lived in pain and misery withContinue reading “I truly wanted to die”

Speak With: Nature, Spirit Guides, Intuition…Trees

Being of Spiritual Power, Shaman Durek is one of the world’s most famous & well-known healers on the planet. Along with being Healer & Spiritual Teacher to Gwyneth Paltrow & other Famous Hollywood Celebrities as well as Billionaires & Royalty around the world… Has been featured in/on: The New York Times The Los Angeles Times Good Morning America This Morning People MagazineContinue reading “Speak With: Nature, Spirit Guides, Intuition…Trees”


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