I truly wanted to die

Kind Hearted One, My own journey of healing has been a very long one.  And while it continues to this day. The hardest 4 years of it (2006-2010) were like living in hell on earth.  I truly wanted to die regularly.  I literally prayed to God to kill me.  I lived in pain and misery withContinue reading “I truly wanted to die”

Speak With: Nature, Spirit Guides, Intuition…Trees

Being of Spiritual Power, Shaman Durek is one of the world’s most famous & well-known healers on the planet. Along with being Healer & Spiritual Teacher to Gwyneth Paltrow & other Famous Hollywood Celebrities as well as Billionaires & Royalty around the world… Has been featured in/on: The New York Times The Los Angeles Times Good Morning America This Morning People MagazineContinue reading “Speak With: Nature, Spirit Guides, Intuition…Trees”

Incredible Healing on CBS (1 min) … Shaman Durek

Being of Light & Energy, I’ve been getting healing sessions 1-3 times per week on average since covid started.  Over the past 11 years & 250 events hosting healers or healing events, I’ve seen healers galore.  New ones are frequently getting recommended to me. Part of the reason I started this business is because IContinue reading “Incredible Healing on CBS (1 min) … Shaman Durek”

Scientifically Proven: People Around You Are Affecting Your Energy (Pt. 1)

Being of Conscious Awareness, In New Age circles we talk about, and actually there is science that points to the fact that the people around you are affecting your energy. I’m sure you’ve gone to places and felt either energized or depleted by the vibe going on. Sometimes just one person in a bad mood can trigger you andContinue reading “Scientifically Proven: People Around You Are Affecting Your Energy (Pt. 1)”

Everyone is Going Through Difficult Times Now

Hey Friend,  It’s been hard the last few years. Has been for me, too. I don’t think it’s going to stop.  It’s just the times we’re in…. But… … You are not alone… And, hard times,… they’re happening everywhere. However…………………………………..! ………. You can handle it! You’re much stronger than YOU realize! And much more resourceful. Continue reading “Everyone is Going Through Difficult Times Now”