I truly wanted to die

Kind Hearted One,

My own journey of healing has been a very long one. 

And while it continues to this day.

The hardest 4 years of it (2006-2010) were like living in hell on earth. 

I truly wanted to die regularly.  I literally prayed to God to kill me. 

I lived in pain and misery with no end in sight.  I lost hope many times.

Getting out of those 4 years is what set me on a mission to help the world heal & elevate our collective consciousness.  

I can’t stand to even think about leaving anyone in the hell that I lived in, 

especially since I know they can get out of it…

But by going through that journey, I learned a framework for healing…

and then I reverse engineered it to help others. 

Check out the presentation below that I’ll be giving at this conference,  Mystical Healing Experience.

(It’s in the 3rd person which I think is kind of cute…) 😊

How to Heal Anything: The Scientific & Spiritual Framework

Dan Horner is a US Naval Academy Graduate & Former Naval Officer.  Over Several Years Dan Suffered From a Litany of Diseases:


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Thyroid Problems

Low Back Pain/Sciatica

Chemical Sensitivity

Extreme Insomnia

Extreme (40 Lbs) Weight Loss

Numerous Food Intolerances


Through research, trial & error he healed himself from these illnesses,

& after witnessing the near miraculous healing of dozen’s & dozen of others over the years, 

He’s Developed A Framework He Believes Can Heal & Reverse Any Adult Onset Chronic Pain, Illness or Ailment.

“Dan Has Come To Believe That Anyone Can Heal From Anything.”

(back in the first person here)  😉

I’m going to give you this framework I learned to get well,

so you can use it for your own healing and consciousness elevation. 

While I’m not sure I’ll be ‘the most popular guy or gal’ at this party of superstars

this framework of healing will help you now & into the future 

if you want to heal any ailments or elevate your own consciousness.

In addition to “How to Heal Anything” you’ll receive lots of healing & brilliance from:

Rob WerginChristy WhitmanDr. Hemal Patel,

Shaman DurekKen Stone, & Neale Donald Walsch

Please Join us for the Mystical Healing Experience.

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Dan (again…)… 😊

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