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Speak With: Nature, Spirit Guides, Intuition…Trees

Being of Spiritual Power,

Shaman Durek is one of the world’s most famous & well-known healers on the planet.

Along with being Healer & Spiritual Teacher to Gwyneth Paltrow & other Famous Hollywood Celebrities as well as Billionaires Royalty around the world…

Has been featured in/on:

The New York Times

The Los Angeles Times

Good Morning America

This Morning

People Magazine


Marie Claire


Parade Magazine

Vanity Fair


Bulletproof Radio

And dozens of other major media & publications.

He has a regular role on the hit nationwide CBS television show, ‘The Doctors,’

where he does shamanic healings, & assists guests in all manner of well being.

But he’s not here to for celebrity status or accolades. 

He is not your guru or master he does not want to be on a pedestal.

He’s not into being famous or being seen as some high society person.

He is Into You Seeing & Harnessing Your Fullest Power as a human being

He’s into

Everyone being able to speak to their ancestors & spirit guides, connecting to their intuition, & being able to communicate with nature & trees

and knows this is the way it’s supposed to be… for everyone.

He believes that you’re accepting, the truth of who you are

or you are lying to yourself.

Through his no nonsense teachings, he demystifies a powerful spirituality, 

making it attainable & understandable for the layperson, the spiritually advanced, & everyone in between.

Shaman Durek is redefining what wellness means by putting the power back into your hands,

so you live Consciously, & in Your Fullest Alignment with Spirit.

He’ll be with us at The Mystical Healing Experience, livestream or in person, along with:

– Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

– Christy Whitman, Spiritual Channel & 2X NY Times Bestselling author

– Dr. Hemal Patel, Research Team at UCSD, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Lead Researcher

– Dan Horner, Healer

– Ken Stone, One of the World’s Most Powerful Energy Healers

Be prepared to uplevel your life if you are joining us.

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