Incredible Healing on CBS (1 min) … Shaman Durek

Being of Light & Energy,

I’ve been getting healing sessions 1-3 times per week on average since covid started. 

Over the past 11 years & 250 events hosting healers or healing events, I’ve seen healers galore.  New ones are frequently getting recommended to me.

Part of the reason I started this business is because I personally love healers & events that create healing and wanted to see more of them.

I’ve also been going to other people’s events, similar to the ones I host, for 20 years now. 

I attended around 100 such events prior to becoming an event producer…, and about that many since as well.

In all this time…

I’ve Never Seen Anyone Do What Shaman Durek Is Able To Do.

As a 6th Generation African Shaman,

I believe he’s a Next-Level Healer for the Next Evolution of this Planet. 

He’s a healer & spiritual advisor to Celebrities, Billionaires & Royal Family members around the world for a good reason.  His skills are amazing.

I’m very, very excited to see him.

Below is a 1 Min. video of Shaman Durek on the TV show, ‘The Doctors’ on CBS where he is a regular guest.

Click on the link below and watch the short video.

But before you do, note a couple things:  

1. How quickly & how deeply he’s able to heal this woman in what appears to be a short amount of time.

2. He’s able to raise the vibration of groups as well as individuals with tools like he uses in this video.

3. His tools are simple to understand & use and can produce big shifts for you too.

Click The link below (and scroll down a touch) to watch the video:

Shaman Durek is joining us as one of the healers at The Mystical Healing Experience in addition to:

– Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God…

– Spiritual Channel Christy Whitman, 2X NY Times Bestselling author and Law of Attraction Expert

– Dr. Joe Dispenza’s lead researcher – Dr. Hemal Patel,

– Rob Wergin, Healer from the Documentary Heal (Netflix, Amazon Prime)

– Ken Stone, World Renowned Energy Healer

– Dan Horner… 🙂

You can join us in person or online as we livestream. 

I hope you get your tickets to see this guy before the absurd pricing goes away.

(As soon as I figure out the affiliate technology, I’ll have to double the prices).



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