Scientifically Proven: People Around You Are Affecting Your Energy (Pt. 1)

Being of Conscious Awareness,
In New Age circles we talk about,
and actually there is science that points to the fact that the people around you are affecting your energy.
I’m sure you’ve gone to places and felt either energized or depleted by the vibe going on.
Sometimes just one person in a bad mood can trigger you and bring you down…
It happens to me at least.
Research by the Institute of Noetic Science and Heartmath Institute points to the fact that we affect one another’s states.
The heart pumping creates an electromagnetic field.
The scientifically measurable field of your heart shows up in the brains of the people in your vicinity.
And their heartbeat shows up as a signal in your brain.
We’re all constantly affecting each other and swimming in a sea of our collective group energies.
As such, it’s highly valuable to be in energy rich positive environments
Going to places you like to go to, being around people you like to be around.
The more of that you get, the better you’ll feel. 
The less, and sometimes it can drain your energy until you get depleted.
Going to transcendent events such as concerts, plays, comedy, movies or shows can recharge us.
Going into nature or meditation can recharge us.
Being Around A Tribe Of High Vibe People Can More Than Just Recharge Us,
But Change Our Lives When We:
heal deep wounds & let go of emotional baggage,
gain permanent upgrades in our understanding ourselves and the world,
and learn wisdom & science that will uplift our lives.
If we adopt them, these become permanent life upgrades.
Additionally, in this kind of energy rich environment
we have an examples and experiences of what it looks like to live at higher states
which expands our view of what is possible in life and reality.
When I create events, I keep all this in mind and my goal is ALWAYS to create an  energy rich experience where you can permanently upgrade your life.
So that it’s not just uplifting to be at them, but transformational. 
An investment that pays off with a permanent change in the trajectory of your health, relationships and life.
Join us at the Mystical Healing Experience for the richest energy environment and the most powerful lineup of healers and spiritual teachers
I’ve ever had the honor to facilitate coming into being.
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P.S. Next email we’ll discuss how people use this concept as a ‘cop out’ and how to make sure you’re not doing that…

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