THIS is what is Draining Your Energy…

Being of Magic,

Many People Feel Like They Are Tired Because They ‘Worked Too Much’

or Are ‘Getting Old’.

 Respectfully, I Wholeheartedly Disagree…

You Feel Tired, Not Because You’ve Done Too Much Work,

But Because You’ve Done Too Little Of What Lights The Fire In You.

Your Feel Drained Not Because Of How Much You Talked, But Because of

How Much You Wanted To Say But Didn’t.

You Feel Exhausted Sometimes Not Because Of What You Are Doing,

But Because Of The Outdated Baggage or Tired Old Patterns That Weigh You Down And Get In Your Way While You Are Doing It.

To Step Into Feeling Alive You Need To:

 – Connect To Your Spirit.  The Fire Inside That Gives You Life, Purpose And Direction

– Connect With Your Tribe, That Is, Your Soul Family Where You Are Understood Without Needing To Explain Yourself

– Drop The Next Layer Of Baggage As You Move Deeper Into Yourself

& Your Soul Moves To Higher Ground in This New Era.

At The Mystical Healing ExperienceYou’ll Spend 2 Days Connected To Your Divine Self From The First Talk To The Last.

You’ll Get Reunited with Your Soul Family Who Are Elevating Consciousness On The Planet, (Despite What You See & Hear On The News).

You’ll Let Go Of Baggage That Will Help You Step Fully Into Your New Self In Harmony With The New Era We Are In.

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Blessings and Love,


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