Over $10 Million Dollars (…and a Hidden Secret)

Being Who Holds the Power to Manifest Reality,

If there are things you want in life that you may have given up on and gotten resigned about please note:

The seeds of your desire were given to you to be fulfilled, not to be some sort of “Divine” disappointment. 

What you want was given to you for a reason.

Your Creator did not create your life to be a cruel joke… but a divine joy.

Sometimes it can be difficult to manifest all we want in life. 

But thankfully, there are teachers that can light the way by going through “the obstacle course” ahead of us

Then giving us the roadmap to get there too.

Christy Whitman IS one of them. 

Christy’s Had Enormous Success In Her Life, Along With Tremendous Difficulties:

Her sister committed suicide in 1998,

Her marriage ended in 2006 &

Her 6 figure job became a trap in a hollow existence that felt meaningless & depressing

But Also:

– Her Business Has Made Over $10 Million Dollars in a year…

–  2 of her books made The NY Times Bestseller List

– She’s Been Featured In Major Media Outlets:

– The Today Show

– The NY Times

– People Magazine

– USA Today

– The Morning Show

– The Hallmark Channel

– Glamour Magazine

– Tedx, &

– Huffington Post to name just a few and…

But…Christy Had A “Secret”…

Her First Book Was Directly Channeled

Spirit woke her up at 1am with a voice speaking directly in her ear. 

When she went to write what the voice was saying & her hand started writing automatically.  

It kept happening night after night. Her book was done in a week.

Later she discovered she was channeling the Council of Light,

& It’s Been One Of The Major Secrets To Her Success.

Inevitably started channeling for others so they can achieve greater success & manifest what they want in life more easily. 

And what can you say… it works… 

Below are just 3 of the most interesting of about 40-60 pages of testimonials.



“I started working with Christy Whitman four years ago after suddenly losing my job after 22 years. I was devastated. I was in my mid 50’s and was struggling to find my new place in the work world…

I Now Have A Thriving 6 Figure Career, And Am Living A Daily Life Of More Peace, Joy And Happiness.

Christy IS the real deal. Do not be afraid to dream your wildest dreams.”



My Experience with Christy is that she is and amazingly intuitive healer.  Before I began working with Christy, I did not feel at peace and I felt something was missing in my life…

I have found that peace by connecting with my authentic self with the help of Christy & her insights and intuition to uncover things that I didn’t know were inside me

In my life now there is joy and possibilities and I recommend to anyone thinking about taking one of her programs to please Give this gift to yourself.  We are all worth this!!



“…I was no stranger to bad relationships with men.

I was constantly cheated on by my first boyfriend. That lead me to self-doubt and an even worse relationship where I was physically and verbally abused for years.

I then met my husband and thought I finally had this relationship thing figured out. We were married for 9 years when I found out he was in love with another woman!

This put me into a downward spiral. After our divorce, I ended up in a bad relationship again.

We would fight constantly and he was abusive mentally and verbally. It was my old pattern creeping up again. I had enough!

I had been working with Christy Whitman… I decided that I wanted to use the Laws of the Universe to find my Ideal Partner.

Within two months I met this man. I instantly “felt” him. I knew it was him. I could sense his being, the energy that was present in my meditations was standing in front of me.

He is kind, honest, compassionate, gentle, a protector of my feelings and emotions, and believes in me and our relationship.

We have been together for 3 years now. He recently proposed and we are so happy!

He brought me up while he was delivering an acceptance speech for hitting a record high within his company.

So in front of 200 people, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together!

Of course I said yes!

I have found my true love…I truly am thankful beyond words!”


The Major Difference Between Christy’s Council Of Light & Other Channeled Beings is that:

The Council Not Only Teaches The Knowledge Of Manifestation, (Like Abraham),

the Council can also Shift Your Energy so You Are Embodying The New Energy You Need To Manifest Your Desires.

It’s Like Getting Information From A Channel & Getting An Energy Healing For Specifically What You Need To Manifest Your Desires At The Same Time.

Get Your Energy Shifted with Christy,

Along with Neale Donald Walsch,

and 6 other incredible Healers at the Mystical Healing Experience.

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