Abraham-Hicks… (But better…)

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Being of Magic & Light,

Jennifer Mclean Founded “Healing With The Masters” The Biggest Online Platform of Healers Ever Created Which Ran For 20 Years.

She featured some of the world’s top healers & spiritual teachers on her program such as:

Wayne DyerDeepak ChopraGregg BradenMarianne WilliamsonDonna EdenJames Van Praagh & many others. 

After Experiencing Christy Whitman’s Council of Light & their Channeling/Energy Healing Combo, this is what Jennifer said:

“The Council is like Abraham, but on steroids.”

Jennifer McLean

Why is Christy’s channeling ‘like Abraham on steroids’?

Because Christy’s Council of Light will not only come through and educate you about manifestation

but will actually heal & shift your energy to manifest what you want AS she’s channeling.

Below are some testimonials for physical healing,

The testimonials for manifesting money & success are far too many to name here.

Physical Healings from Christy’s Channeling:


“My spiritual goal was to heal the source of my migraines and headaches that were plaguing me since childhood

“I used my sessions…with Christy to heal the source of my illness. I can now say that I am free from my illness and loving my life…”

Christy Whitman Testimonial

– Helma Nolte


“During my time working with her,  I no longer have to have a hip replacement as I no longer have any symptoms due to her wonderfully intuitive healings

I feel lighter and clearer and excited about the next steps in the journey of my life…”

Christy Whitman Testimonial

– Sandra Stocks, UK



“…Since I was 17 I had head trauma and seizures from a motorcycle accident where I flew 20 feet head first into a tree.  Since then I’ve lived with migraines, nerve twitching & foggy brain.

During yesterday’s meditation I did feel extreme nausea similar to what comes over me before a seizure but the council walked me through it at exactly the right time even though I was listening to the recording. 

I did not have a seizure.

I have felt tired most of my life and this morning I woke up, no headache and feeling energized… very unfamiliar to me but a wonderful feeling. Thank you thank you thank you.”

– Kimberly Keller-Johnson

These are just a few. 

Christy’s work is powerful & she’s got 40 pages of testimonials like this to prove it.

I can tell you: If a healer can create physical healing with their energy, she can easily help you manifest what you want in your life.

Christy will be JUST ONE of the presenters at the Mystical Healing Experience along with Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God,

And a slew of other healers that will change the course of your life.

Come see Christy, Neale and the rest of the crew, & receive powerful healing, mystical experiences & know yourself as divine.

Get Your TICKET Today.


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