During Covid, a Deep Energy of Peace Surrounded Me

Being With a Birthright of Peace, Happiness & Abundance,

I could feel an energy of peace descending upon me & surrounding me for several days in November. 

It engulfed me and I could feel my entire energy field.

It went with me everywhere I went. 

I didn’t know what was causing it…

Had I reached a higher stage of consciousness from all my Dr. Joe Meditations??

Had I cultivated my energy field enough that it had become my new normal state of living?

Had I tapped into a Divine Being?

A few days into this feeling of being surrounded by peace,

I had a zoom call scheduled with someone I was considering having  as a speaker/healer at The Mystical Healing Experience in April.

This call was with Christy Whitman, a 2X New York Times Bestselling author, 20+ Year Law of Attraction Expert, and Spiritual Channel.

I had a healing session set up with her.

(Usually individual appointments cost around $2,000 for an hour.  Christy works with Celebrities & some of the Top People in the Spiritual World such as Lisa WilliamsMarci Shimoff and Sheri Salata)

Once I got on the call with her I knew exactly where the energy was coming from.

It was coming from the Council of Light that Christy channels.

During our call, that energy of peace came in even more powerfully and the healing energy was turned on high. 

The Council went to work on my energetic blockages (which the council could see and shift).

They instructed me to let go of some specific things bothering me and I  healed some deep stuff.  I was immersed in the council’s energy as they continued to heal me.

That feeling of Deep Peace continued with me for days after the healing (without effort).

Today, when I think about it, it returns.  Like right now as I write this.

(I’m curious if you are able to feel it as I’m describing it?)

The Council of Light Christy Channels is some NEXT LEVEL stuff.

You get the channeled information AND the Healing at the same time.

And yes, when she does this in groups, the whole audience feels it.

She can shift the whole audience’s energy and consciousness.

Join us and experience this healing for yourself in person. 

Get Your TICKET today.

It will change your life.



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