Happy New Year!

Being of Magic and Light,

Happiest of New Year’s to you!! I wish you so many blessings and so much goodness this year! 😉

May you be regularly touched by the divine all year long.

I know you want to have the best year of your life this year.

AND no matter what your circumstances… it’s possible.

But… Important News Flash….

If You Want To Have The Best Year Of Your Life,

Some Things Will Have To Change.

You’ll have to BECOME Your BEST SELF to create your best year.

  • You’ll Have To Let Go of Your Past Wounds & Heal – Body, Mind & Soul.
  • You’ll Have To Believe In Miracles To Manifest The Miracles That Are Meant For You.
  • You’ll Have To Uplevel Your Vibration Into Greater Love (especially self love) To Manifest What’s Possible (And Currently Waiting) For You.

In just 3 months (April 23-24) you’ll be able to do all of this right here in Tucson at the Mystical Healing Experience

  • You’ll Have Access To The Most Powerful Healing You’ve Ever Experienced.
  • You’ll Both Witness & Experience Miracles So Believing In Them Will Become Easy,
  • You’ll Learn To Love Yourself More (Which Is The Essence Of Raising Your Vibration and Attracting What You Want)

I want this for you. I want this for myself. I Want This For Everyone On The Planet.

Let’s create it together. In this potent energetic playground of magic that we’ll be a part of.

Join us at the Mystical Healing Experience & Uplevel your life like never before.

Blessings and Magic,

Dan Horner,
Conference Director

Published by Christine Scheer

UI/UX developer

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