Dear Beautiful Being

Beautiful Being in Conscious Evolution,

You’ve heard this before…

but there’s more to understand about the following profound statement by Einstein:

“Problems Cannot Be Solved At The Same Level Of Thinking That They Were Created.”

This happens to be true not just in the context of physics, mathematics and science,

Einstein hit on a Universal Truth.

You See, It’s Just As True In Reference To Your Life as it is to physics.

Notice he said “at the same LEVEL of thinking”.

A level of thinking = LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS.

The problems you face in your world, and the problems we face in the world collectively can all be met and overcome… But…

… they won’t be solved in your life or in the world with the same level of consciousness that created them.

When you are able to hear from Divine Messengers of Spirit and God,

and Experience Divine Energy,

you shift your consciousness to higher levels.

You move to greater awareness. Your field of perspective opens more widely.

And as your worldview changes… your world changes.

You connect to

A Greater Version of Reality That’s Been Waiting For You

& Is Available To You Now

(but is just obscured from your current view).

You’ll even see a greater collective reality that is available to us all.

In many cases your new reality can manifest easily or near effortlessly when you raise your consciousness.

Your Reality, My Dear Friend Is Not Fixed

And therefore your problems are not fixed.

They Are Not Fixed When It Comes To:

  • Your Body or Health or any Illnesses You Face
  • Your Relationships or Sex Life

Your Reality is Definitely Not Fixed When It Comes To Your Finances, Money or Abundance.

Any Problems You Have In Any of These Areas CAN BE SOLVED…

Just, as Einstein said, NOT at the same level of thinking that created them.

Join us at the Mystical Healing Experience and ELEVATE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

You’ll see within your reach that higher level of reality that you desire,

where the problems you are currently facing can be and are easily solved…

And I am SO sure that this will happen for you at the Mystical Healing Experience that I Guarantee It.

You see I’ve experienced the work, the healing & the teachings of every speaker coming.

I’ve sifted through ‘the many’ to find the exceptional few that each on their own would uplevel your world.

With all of them together… it’s going to take you to another level.

Get your tickets now there are a limited number tickets available at this absurdly low price and they will NOT last very long.

Blessings and Goodness,

Dan Horner,
Conference Director


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