Hollywood turned his life into a movie

Gorgeous Being of Radiant Light,

Not many people have had such an impact on the world that they make a movie about that person’s life in Hollywood.

I saw and screened the movie “Conversations with God” about Neale Donald Walsch and it’s truly one of the most inspiring, uplifting films I’ve had the chance to show.

You might know about his “Conversations with God” book.  But there’s probably a lot about the man himself you don’t know…

Things You Learn From The Conversations With God Movie You Won’t Learn From The Book:

Before he wrote “Conversations with God” and changed the lives of millions & millions worldwide,

Neale Donald Walsch had More than his share of difficulty.

– He broke his neck in a car accident

– He lost his job shortly after that

– He went from your everyday guy

 to Homeless Living On The Streets

– He begged for change and food to survive

– Living on the streets he struggled just to stay alive

It took him a while to regain a normal life but eventually pulled himself out of homelessness

When he got off the street and got his life back in order, after a while, he felt angry that the world seemed unjust

And life seemed empty and pointless

He felt like a complete failure.

All this happened when Neale was  past the age of 50!

Then he got furious with God and asked questions as to why the world was so heartless,

so random as to who got thrown by the wayside by life,

why life was so meaningless.

And that is when he got answers so clear that he began a dialogue

and had a conversation with a spiritual voice he could hear that was not his own.

This led to his first book “Conversations with God” (which even his “non-spiritual” publishers knew when they read it, that it was going to change the world.)

After reading it, the publisher gave him an advance of $1.5 Million Dollars to be the publishing company of the book,

a near record for the first book by any author in history.  (It blew far past that in sales…)

As his worldwide notoriety took off, he spoke to audiences all over the world and the book stayed on the NY Times Bestseller list for 2.5 years as it changed consciousness on the planet.

I’ve seen Neale Live & can tell you it will change your consciousness to hear his latest messages from his further dialogues with God.

I’m super excited to be bringing this to you, because Neale is amazing in person… and I because love you.

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