Only 39 tickets left!

Being of Magical Love,

It’s important I let you know in advance:

The event of the year, The Mystical Healing Experience,

will be here in 3 months and prices will go up from this point.

They’ll never be lower than this.

The New Year’s Special is on and it won’t last long.

I’ve made the price absurdly low for a short window of time.

There are 39 tickets left at this lowest price point.

When the tickets are gone, They’re Gone and they’re going fast.

The healing lineup coming your way is OFF THE CHARTS amazing.

I’m guaranteeing your satisfaction with a money back guarantee (see website).

The energy at this event will be nothing short of


It will be like nothing you’ve ever been to before… because we are in a new phase of human consciousness.

You really don’t want to miss it.

Please Pay Attention To My Emails In The Next Few Weeks.

I’ll outline the speaker lineup and their powerful gifts to advance your life spiritually, in life force and your energy levels.

They are beings of great power and who have walked the path of great self inner transformation to become renowned healers.

I know many things are vying for your attention at this time but this opportunity is truly too important to miss.

It will change your life to be with them.

It will change the consciousness of the planet to be with us.

If I was you, I’d plan to be there and

Get Your Ticket Now.


Dan Horner,
Conference Director

Published by Christine Scheer

UI/UX developer

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